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220v Split HVAC System

220v Split HVAC System

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Introducing our Split HVAC System:
The Split HVAC System from Bullish Structures is a highly efficient and reliable solution for all your heating and cooling needs. Designed with advanced technology and superior performance, our split system ensures optimal comfort in any space. Here are the key features and benefits:

• Efficient Cooling and Heating: Enjoy consistent and comfortable temperatures year-round with our split HVAC system.
Provides efficient cooling during hot summer months and reliable heating during chilly winters.
Offers precise temperature control, allowing you to set the desired temperature for maximum comfort.

• Quiet and Discreet Operation: Our split system operates quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance to your indoor environment.
The indoor unit is compact and sleek, designed to blend seamlessly with any interior decor.
The outdoor unit is designed to operate quietly, minimizing noise pollution.

• Energy Savings: Our split HVAC system is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on utility bills.
It uses advanced technology to optimize energy consumption without compromising on performance.
Achieve greater energy savings through programmable thermostats and zoning options.

• Flexible Installation: The split system is easy to install, providing flexibility for various building structures and layouts.
The installation is performed by our experienced technicians, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process.

• Healthy Air: Our split HVAC system includes advanced filtration options to improve indoor air quality.
Filters out dust, allergens, and other airborne particles, promoting a healthier living environment.
Helps in reducing odors, bacteria, and viruses, providing clean and fresh air throughout your space.
Upgrade your comfort and efficiency with our Split HVAC System from Bullish Structures. Experience reliable performance, energy savings, and improved indoor air quality. Stay comfortable throughout the year with our state-of-the-art HVAC solution.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can these be customized?

Yes! We can customize these structures quite a bit. So, make sure and ask us before you place your order what can be done with these inside the climate-controlled factory.

You can move windows around, switch up where your bedroom door is, or install some extra sliding glass doors—totally doable.

Thinking about a mini-kitchen or a bathroom? You got it. You can even add or knock down walls to divide up rooms or make one big open space.

When it comes to making the place truly yours, a custom floor plan is the way to go.

Heads up, though: messing with electrical and plumbing isn't as easy.

The electrical stuff is all linked together from the outside, and plumbing hooks up at specific inlets and outlets. So, a bit more set in stone there.

What are the dimensions of this structure?

20ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft tall.

What can these be used for?

  • Tiny Home
  • Office
  • She-Shed
  • Man Cave
  • Workshop
  • Garage
  • Storage
  • Other

How soon can these be ready to occupy?

You can connect an extension cord within minutes of receiving your structure, and it's ready for your laptop, tv, and coffee maker.

If I order one today, when will I receive it?

Assuming we have one in stock that fits your criteria, about 4-6 weeks. It's possible we have one or more in stock at any given time, but these are usually customer orders.

We try to have demo models available at all times, but we tend to sell these same-day as well.

Our basic units are built in our factory overseas then shipped in bulk to our main hub in Mooresville, NC and other spots around the U.S. If you're nearby, we might be able to get one out to you ASAP.

Out of stock or want something special? No sweat, but you're looking at a 12 to 16-week wait after you put down your deposit. And that's not counting the time it takes to actually get it to your site, weather willing.

Just so you know, some of our extra options might take a little longer, depending on what's in stock.

What I order one today and change my mind before it ships?

You have 24-hours from the time you place your order to change your mind, or your order. After that, it's a custom unit, and we can't reverse course at the factory.

Please perform your due diligence BEFORE you place your order for this reason.

Do you include any appliances with these units?

The listed price does not include appliances, including Heat/AC, or furniture.

However, we do sell Heat/AC split systems that can be factory installed, plus furniture options and solar panels.

How does shipping work?

We can ship your structure (virtually) anywhere in the continental U.S.

Shipping is calculated based on distance from the port, so be sure to let us know where this unit is going and we'll provide you with a price.

Do you help with the installation?

If you live within 25-miles of Charlotte, NC, we can provide setup assistance for an additional fee based on the complexity of your structure.

For our foldable or flatpack containers, we can set them up and deliver it already fully assembled for an additional charge.

If you live outside of our radius, we will provide clear instructions, including videos to help you with the setup process of your structure.

If you're not very "hands-on" with these types of projects, we advise you to hire a contractor or handyman to help you with the installation and setup.

Do I need to get a permit for this structure?

Our container homes are more like temporary getaways, not (necessarily) your forever home.

Every local government has their own rules about what counts as a "temporary home," so give your local city hall a ring to get the lowdown before you drop any cash on a Bullish Structure.