Our Process

We've laid out all of the steps you need to know about before purchasing a home from Bullish Structures.

Step 1


Imagine the endless possibilities with Bullish Structures as you start your journey toward your unique container space.

Dive deep into the details – from the initial layout to the final touches like socket placements and flooring color. If you've got a vision, we're here to make it tangible.

Whether it's a cozy home, a sleek office, or a sweet coffee shop you've dreamed up, we're ready to bring your vision to life.

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Step 2


The adventure begins when you build your quote or connect with one of our container home specialists by submitting a contact form.

We'll navigate the technicalities BEFORE you purchase your home.

This includes things like; How to navigate your local county's zoning and permitting laws, ensuring your land is level, your foundation, piers, footers or blocks are accounted for, and discuss whether you need a general contractor or others.

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Step 3


Thinking about the numbers? We've got you covered.

Explore a variety of financing options tailored to your needs, from personal loans to commercial solutions.

We've partnered with Acorn Finance for quick and easy personal loan options, which can be accessed here. Applying is a breeze and won't ding your credit score. Let's find the perfect fit for your budget and get those plans rolling.

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Step 4

Permits & Planning

Got your financing in check? It's time to tackle the permits. We know the ropes and can guide you through, ensuring a smooth sail from paperwork to groundbreaking.

We've learned that every local county can have slightly different rules, so it's best to let your local pros with existing relationships in place with the zoning office facilitate your process.

This is the main reason we've built a custom trailer solution for our expandable container homes as it bypasses the restrictions some counties will apply by making it portable and easy to move.

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Part 5


With the green light on feasibility, we'll whip up a detailed quote that mirrors our communications. We'll walk you through every line to make sure it's all systems go, avoiding any last-minute curveballs.

From the base price, to any upgrades and delivery, we'll disclose any and all possible costs, even ones that could fall outside of our scope, such as engineering plans.

Our General Contractors, Engineers, and Designers are ready to answer any questions you have.

PLEASE NOTE: We highly suggest performing all due diligence at this stage PRIOR to purchasing your home. You (the Buyer) assume all responsibility that your home will pass inspection and/or is allowed on your property.

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Step 6


We've tailored our approach to ensure we're all set for a smooth ride. Unlike traditional builds, our unique container projects require 50% upfront and 50% prior to delivery. If you pay in full upfront, take 10% off your purchase price.

This helps us kickstart your project without a hitch, covering everything from materials to delivery & setup (whenever applicable.)

Unlike other custom home builders, dealers and manufacturers, you'll never have to worry about us coming back to you with surprise costs after the initial quote, even if that means we take the loss.

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Step 7


With everything in place, your project hits our production line.

We'll keep you in the loop, ensuring you're up to speed as your dream container home takes shape.

Our unique approach means we're working on your build while you prep your site – a harmony that speeds up the journey to delivery.

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Step 8

Site Prep

As we craft your container, you'll get your site ready for its new addition.

Need tips on preparing your land? We've got plenty. We aim to make the delivery seamless, so a little prep goes a long way.

Whether you plan to use a solid concrete foundation, footers, concrete piers, blocks or something else, we can help (if needed) with best practices.

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Step 9


The big day arrives, and your container home is ready to make its entrance.

We can arrange transportation for an additional fee with pricing based on distance. Pricing starts as low as $1k, and increases based on mileage.

You're also welcome to arrange your own transportation to save some money.

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Step 10


For customers within a 50-mile radius, we can arrange for an installation team to come to your property and assist with the basic setup process.

This includes unwrapping the home, and connecting the walls, cabinets and counter-tops, lights, appliances, porch and roof.

However, if you're experienced with these categories, go for it. Just know that this is where our assistance stops for liability purposes, and your resumes.

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Step 11


For all other functions, such as connecting your power, installing and connecting your lighting and water, installing windows, doors and cabinets, we recommend using a licensed contractor, or other professionals.

With your container in place, it's time to hook up the essentials. We recommend having a GC on hand to get those utilities connected smoothly, turning your container from a structure to a living space.

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Step 12

Move In & Enjoy

Now, the fun part – making the space truly yours.

From the perfect furnishings to your favorite candles, you've got the freedom to make your container home or office reflect your unique style.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey with Bullish Structures?

Let's turn that dream into a reality.

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