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About Us

At Bullish Structures, we're redefining the concept of modern living with our innovative prefab homes. As a leader in unique, custom manufactured homes, we blend visionary designs, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous craftsmanship to create homes that inspire and exceed your expectations.

Our mission is to provide you with a tailor-made living solution.

All homes are built at the time you place your order and are highly customizable. There are no cookie-cutter homes sitting around collecting dust, we make each home based on your needs. If you want a side entrance, upgraded cabinets, oversized bathroom, full appliances, pitched roof and covered front porch, or a custom trailer so you can hit the road or move it around your property on a whim, we can make it happen.

  • Quality

    We only use the highest quality materials on our homes; from the steel to the flooring, cabinets and more.

  • Customization

    If you have an idea for your home that doesn't exist on the market today, we can most likely bring it to life.

  • Customer Service

    When you purchase from Bullish Structures, we're here to answer your questions every step of the way.

Our Homes

We've designed two different versions of our expandable homes; The Piedmont and The Asheville.

Both are built with the same attention to detail, but the Piedmont is our base model (with the ability to customize as needed) and the Asheville Series is our premium model.

Our Homes Are Trailer Made.

Purchase a Bullish Structures Trailer and take your home on the road, or move it around your property on a whim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my structure after I place an order?

All homes are built to order, which takes roughly 25 days from start to finish, and another 10-15 days to properly prepare your structure for shipment. So, you can expect your home to arrive and be en route for delivery in about 40 days.

How does installation work?

At Bullish Structures, our commitment to excellence ensures top-tier support for the creation and transportation of your shipping container home.

However, please note that we do not offer services related to the construction of foundations.

If you need help with the installation of the container itself, this is available depending on the distance from our main facility in Mooresville, NC.

Assembling our container homes requires (ideally) a team of 3 or more individuals.

For those seeking assistance, we recommend enlisting a certified builder or general contractor who can expertly guide the expansion and setup process.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our priorities throughout this exciting journey.

Can I customize these homes?

Tailoring your dream home is our specialty. Dive into an array of customization possibilities, from crafting unique floor plans and kitchen layouts to curating cozy bedroom arrangements and vibrant living spaces.

Infuse your personal touch through color schemes and explore premium add-ons like pitched roofs, covered porches, heating, AC, and beyond. Get in touch with us today for an enlightening conversation about your limitless customization options.

How does shipping work?

Experience seamless site delivery with Bullish Structures through trusted third-party shipping partners. Our quotes reflect ideal conditions, considering factors like site accessibility and weather conditions.

While we aim for transparency, any unforeseen costs beyond the quote may be communicated to you. Alternatively, take the reins by arranging your transport – we'll expertly handle the loading onto your unit, ensuring your journey to an exceptional living space is as smooth as possible.

Talk to me about permitting


Navigating the permitting process can be tricky, as it varies from state to state and even from county to county.

Most locations accept prefabricated metal structures like shipping container homes, but you'll need to be mindful of local regulations. It's essential to understand any zoning, permit, or regulation issues that might arise.

Here’s a tip: when inquiring with local officials, focus on specific aspects of your project to increase your chances of approval.

Questions To Ask:

  • Understanding Local Regulations: "Could you guide me through the regulations that might impact the installation of my Bullish Structures metal building on my property?"
  • Design Compliance: "Are there any specific design features of my structure that could influence the permitting process?"
  • Recreational Vehicle Considerations: "In the context of adding mobility features like caster or dolly wheels to my structure, what are the local views on recreational vehicles?"
  • Community and Legal Constraints: "How might deed restrictions or homeowners association (HOA) regulations play a role in the placement of my Bullish Structures prefab unit?"

Topics to Avoid:

To maintain a constructive dialogue and avoid potential misunderstandings, it might be best to steer clear of the following:

  • Direct inquiries about container homes as permanent fixtures.
  • Questions that assume container structures are universally accepted or legal without considering local nuances.
  • Suggestions that a container home could simply be an alternative to a traditional backyard shed without proper permitting.
  • Assuming that adding wheels automatically categorizes your structure as an RV, without further compliance or regulatory considerations.

    The worst thing you can do is ignore permits, codes, and zoning laws; They're there for a reason.

    Doing so can result in penalties, fines, or worse, it can lead to you having to remove your home.

    Most states and counties continue to welcome prefab homes, ADU's, and other non-conventional home types, but there are instances where they are banned.

    It is important to note that no state/city/county will explicitly tell you “no expandable container homes or prefab homes” because this definition is so broad.

    In most cases, an official will say simply say no because because it's not a typical structure and they don't the hassle of all the extra work in trying to figure out your situation.

    In other words, make it easy for them to say - "YES."

    This is why you should approach your local zoning, permitting or HOA carefully and ensure your proposal is sufficient without being too wordy and creating questions that otherwise wouldn't exist.

    Once again, you can always add a trailer (which we sell) to any of these homes to ensure it's classified as mobile or an RV configuration. This will allow you to place it and move it whenever needed, including inches or feet in order to stay compliant if you live in a strict area.

How do I design the home I have in mind?

Easy. Get in touch with us and we'll work with you to design exactly what you're looking for.

The process can be done over a zoom call, in-person, email or even text messages. Here's what we need to know to get started;

1) What type of home (flat pack or expandable) are you interested in?

2) What size home are you interested in? (20ft, 30ft, or 40ft expandable, or a flat pack home, which can be as small as 20ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft tall, or can be conjoined as wide as you want, and can be stacked vertically for a multi-story unit.)

3) Once we know the "shell" you're looking for, we can send you a template to design, or our design team can do this for you and iterate as much as you need until we have the layout you're looking for.

4) Next, we'll look at exterior and interior color options, doors and windows, lighting, cabinets, you name it. All of the things that make your home unique to you will begin.

5) Once we've finalized your design, we'll send it to you for a final approval. If you're satisfied and ready to move forward, it's time to collect the funds and begin building you home.

Do you offer financing?

We sure do. You can apply on our website through Acorn Finance. However, we've found that personal loans through your bank where you have a relationship are almost always ideal as they tend to carry the best interest rates and are the easiest to get an approval.

What's my responsibility vs yours?

Great question!

Our responsibility is to provide you with the highest quality home, at the best price possible, and the highest level of customer service you've ever experienced throughout your journey.

You are responsible for the following;

1) Confirm your local county laws regarding permitting, zoning, and all other applicable restrictions, and we suggest doing this BEFORE you purchase your home.

Considering we build each home at the time you place your order, refunds are not an option, so please do your due diligence ahead of time.

2) We are happy to facilitate the shipping and delivery of your home, but we don't handle the physical setup, mainly due to the fact that we ship these homes all over the world.

Instead, we provide detailed video and written instructions. We can even hop on a video call to help troubleshoot as needed.

Keep in mind, these homes are designed to be extremely easy to setup, just as showcased in our video on the homepage.

3) We highly recommend working with a local General Contractor to assist with everything from the grading and leveling of your designated area, the placement of your home, the electrical connections, plumbing connections, and more.

We cannot mandate these areas as some buyers are very capable in these categories and can do everything themselves.

However you achieve these areas, no problem, we just want to be explicit that these are NOT categories where we're responsible.

You, the customer, assume all responsibility to properly setup and install your home once it arrives, including plumbing and electrical work needed.

Do you offer any warranty?

We offer a warranty against manufacturer defects for 1 year. This assumes you followed the unloading and setup process properly, as mistakes on your end do not constitute a warranty issue on our end.

You must be able to demonstrate that you received your home with demonstrable issues and/or damage within 24-hours of receiving your home.

Having said that, Bullish Structures prides itself in going above and beyond and will always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If you're unhappy with anything about your purchase, simply let us know and we will do everything in our power to remedy the situation and exceed your expectations.