Choosing the Right Prefab Home: Why Bullish Structures Beats DIY Kits

So, you're ready to take the plunge and buy a prefab home. But wait—have you seen those DIY home kits from Home Depot and Lowes?

They seem like a bargain, but here's the kicker: they require full assembly. That's right, everything from electrical wiring to installing the kitchen sink is on you. At Bullish Structures, we offer you a hassle-free alternative at a comparable price.

Let's dive into why we're the clear winner.


Point 1: Hassle-Free Assembly

Imagine buying furniture from IKEA, but multiply the complexity by a hundred—that's what you get with DIY home kits. At Bullish Structures, our homes are assembled by professionals in a climate-controlled environment. All you need to do is move in.

What you're saving on:

  • Man-hours - LOTS of them!
  • Technical skill required. Have you ever built a home from scratch? You'll likely need help from a contractor, and it won't be cheap.
  • Potential assembly mistakes. What if you overlook something related to your electricity, plumbing, or framing?

Point 2: No Hidden Costs

DIY kits from Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon start at $10k and can easily exceed $90k - but forget to mention the forklift, skid steer, mini excavator, and an army of tools you'll need. The one below is listed for $74k - FULL ASSEMBLY REQUIRED

Our homes range from $15k to $95k, and that's it—no hidden costs.

What you're saving on:

  • Equipment rentals
  • Contractor fees
  • Unexpected costs

Point 3: Quality Control

Your home is too important to be your first DIY project. Our houses are put together by skilled professionals, ensuring you get top-notch quality, every single time. We offer a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects for a reason. If something is wrong, we'll fix it. You won't get that from the big box retailers, you're on your own.

What you're saving on:

  • Future repair costs
  • Stress
  • Time

Point 4: Customization

Think prefab means no customization? Think again. At Bullish Structures, we offer a wide range of options to make your home truly yours. 

  • Customize your interior and exterior color palette
  • Customize your interior layout. Want 1 huge bedroom, a small bathroom, and huge kitchen with a sliding glass door that leads to your outdoor covered terrace? No problem.
  • Customize your exterior layout, including things like rooftop terraces, pitched roofs, covered porches, and more.

Point 5: Time-Saving

Time is money. With a DIY kit, expect to spend months on assembly. With Bullish Structures, you'll have more time for what truly matters - family, friends, and fun.

What you're saving on:

  • Time (which equals money)
  • Sanity

Seriously, why would anyone opt for a DIY home kit that's almost the same price but requires full assembly?

It beats us too. Choose smart, choose Bullish Structures, and make your life easier.

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